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Dear Residents,

It has been our pleasure to serve you. We hope we have provided you with excellent service throughout your stay. If your lease expires between May 31 and August 20th and you have not renewed for the ensuing year, please follow the instructions below to complete your move-out procedure

To ensure an easy and seamless move out, we would like to inform you of our move-out procedure:

  • Approximately two weeks prior to the termination of your lease agreement, you will be given the Notice of Inspection Prior to Termination of Residency. This form must be signed and returned to the office via email or in person. (See sample of the Inspection form).
    • If you wish to refuse this pre-inspection, please indicate it on the form.
    • Due to the number of move-outs in such a short period of time, we may not be able to reschedule any pre-inspection appointments.
  • You will receive a forty-eight hour notice to remind you of this inspection


On the day of your move out please turn in the Refund Verification form. It is important that the top portion is legible and contains your forwarding address.   Place this form and all keys, gate remotes, parking stickers, T.V. remotes, and mailbox key in a zip lock bag and deliver the bag to the leasing office attention Move Out Department. The above should be delivered to us once all tenants have moved out and you have completed the cleaning of the unit.

You will be charged if you fail to return any of the above items. All the above should be at our Leasing Office by the last day of your contract - prior to the closing time of our office.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Secure your unit by locking all windows, close all shades, and lock the doors. It is your responsibility to return all modems, cable boxes, and remotes to Time Warner. Failure to do so will result in a $500.00 charge by Time Warner.

Make sure to get a receipt for the items delivered. If you do not return the same number of keys as there are occupants, you will be assessed a charge for re-keying.

If you have any questions please contact us via email only at MoveOut@firstchoicehousing.com


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Fax 213-747-1516