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Most common questions

Yes, everything can be done online. Follow our Leasing Steps and select the online option.
In order for your heater to be operable, please contact the Gas Company at 800-427-2200 to schedule an appointment to light your heater's pilot or click on the link below.

DO NOT make any attempts to light it yourself. If the heater is defective the Gas Company representative will provide you with a red tag. Please bring or email us the red tag so we can immediately make the necessary repairs for you.
Changing light bulb is the resident's responsibility. However, we will be happy to change light bulbs for you at a rate of $35.00 per hour plus material with a minimum of one hour.
Ask a Leasing Consultant about special offers and discounts.
The majority of our buildings do not allow pets. Only in select buildings, a Pet Deposit is required and there is a weight restriction. You must complete a Pet Policy Agreement and contact the Leasing Office.
If you decide to move out prior to the termination of your lease you would be responsible to find a suitable candidate to be approved by landlord. There will be an administrative fee of $350 per person per occurrence. The approval process for your prospect would be the same process that you went through as a new applicant.
All tenants may pay rent online. You can pay online 24 hours a day 7 days a week, except from the 24th-28th of each month for system maintenance. Click here to register.
Under this type of contract, you occupy a housing unit for a fixed amount of time. You are responsible for all rent payments through the lease term, even if you move out before the lease expires. If you cancel your lease prior to move you would be responsible to find a suitable candidate to be approved by landlord.
You may post an ad on our site. Click here.
Click here. Feel free to download and submit either online or in person.
All parties, including the Guarantors, are responsible for the lease throughout the term of the lease.